Election Eve Appeal to the Voters of Delaware

Hi All,

Here’s the deal in the Delaware race for the US House this year:

Democrat John Carney has over $1 million in campaign contributions, the organizational strength of the Democratic Party, the warm bodies provided for him by the unions, and a captive statewide media. Their definition of a “debate” is having their guy sit for an hour beside an empty chair.

Scott Gesty gets highest rating from Gun Owners of America

I am proud to receive the highest rating possible from the Gun Owners or America. John Carney, as usual, fails to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights. The Republican candidate, didn't even bother to answer. If the 2nd Amendment is important to you. If you feel it is your God given right to defend your family and freedom, I am your candidate in Delaware! Pull the trigger at the voting booth for Scott Gesty on November 4th!