Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

“Scott Gesty will work to restore civil liberties, bring our troops home, stop the war on drugs, audit the Federal Reserve, and keep public education under local control. I will need Representatives like Scott working with me to help make the tough choices necessary to put America back on track. Be Libertarian with me; Vote for Scott Gesty!”--Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, 2012 Libertarian Presidential nominee


The Independent Party of Delaware

“Scott’s commitment to individual Liberty, the Constitution, truth, justice and economic freedom make him a viable alternative to politics as usual,” said IPOD General Secretary Wolfgang von Baumgart in a Sunday evening statement. “Delaware needs a true representative of the people, not special interests.”

Kilroy's Delaware

"I think this Libertarian fellow Scott Gesty has the right ideas in abolishing the United States Department of Education and give control back to local communities. Not issue of charter schools vs traditional or teacher evaluation but giving those decisions back to the states and local school districts is the right thing to do. Political third parties seem to struggle in America and perhaps they might be a good means to break the two party out of control political tug of war and for sure addressing the Wall Street take over of public schools. I know one thing for sure, Delaware republicans are in bed with democrats on this Wall Street education ponzi scheme."


Eric Boye, Director of Delaware Campaign for Liberty

"Campaign for Liberty is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, so we can't endorse any candidates.

However, on a personal note, I would endorse Scott for any political office that he runs for. Mr. Gesty understands the fundamentals of Liberty that have long been lost on current and past politicians across the country. Scott is a trusted neighbor who will stay true to the traditions and principles of our great American republic."


Scotty Boman, Former Libertarian candidate for US Senate, Michigan

"I'm not sure how Delaware could do better than Scott Gesty for US House: a strong Ron Paul Libertarian who wants us to bring American soldiers home from our wars, audit the Fed, eliminate the IRS, and abolish the US Department of Education. He's strong on all the issues that matter to Americans today. Be Libertarian with me, and vote for Scott Gesty."

Steve Newton, publisher, The Delaware Libertarian blog.

"Scott Gesty is the man we should be sending to Washington to vote for Delaware in the House of Representatives. He'll fight to end the wars and bring our troops home; he'll teach Congress that successful education reform doesn't happen from the top down; he'll support the push to audit the Federal Reserve; and he'll advocate for marriage equality and the end of the 'war on drugs.' These are not Democratic positions, or Republican positions, or even Libertarian positions; these are American positions. Unlike the incumbent, Scott will actually confront the tough questions our nation needs to answer before we drive off the fiscal cliff. Join me in 2012, and vote Scott Gesty!"

Ed Zielinski, Elsmere City Councilman

"Scott will defend liberty and the Constitution. Therefore, I endorse Scott Gesty for Untied States Congress."

Kevin Ohlandt, Exceptional Delaware

"There comes a time when you have to decide, and for Delaware’s Representative in Congress, there is only one choice: Scott Gesty!"