John Carney

Election Eve Appeal to the Voters of Delaware

Hi All,

Here’s the deal in the Delaware race for the US House this year:

Democrat John Carney has over $1 million in campaign contributions, the organizational strength of the Democratic Party, the warm bodies provided for him by the unions, and a captive statewide media. Their definition of a “debate” is having their guy sit for an hour beside an empty chair.

Scott Gesty gets highest rating from Gun Owners of America

I am proud to receive the highest rating possible from the Gun Owners or America. John Carney, as usual, fails to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights. The Republican candidate, didn't even bother to answer. If the 2nd Amendment is important to you. If you feel it is your God given right to defend your family and freedom, I am your candidate in Delaware! Pull the trigger at the voting booth for Scott Gesty on November 4th!

John Carney Supports Endless War, NSA Spying, & Higher Taxes

When it came time for Delaware's Congressman to stand up to the President and say, no more War, no more 4th Amendment Violations, and no higher taxes, John Carney let us down. I won't be a rubber stamp for the Presidents Unconstitutional Policies. Send a representative that will stand up for you and defend the Constitution. Send me.

John Carney was for the NSA, before he was against it

By now we have all heard of how the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting communications on ALL Americans. It does not matter whether the citizen was suspected of any crime or not. The federal government, without consulting Congress, decided behind closed doors that to protect us, they had to know everything we are communicating to one another. This is an obvious violation of our fourth amendment rights.

John Carney named in Tigani-N.K.S. reimbursement scheme report

Congressman Carney is named on page 46 of this report. I think the people of Delaware deserve an explanation.

Follow Up on ObamaCare

I would like to follow up on ObamaCare. Many people just don't realize the tax burdern that this will caused to the middle class. There are 10 new taxes associated with this Bill. There is a 2.3% excise tax on medical devices that increases the cost of procedures. This drives healthcare cost up! This tax applies to Prosthetic Limbs our troops returning from battle need to live normal lives. John Carney did NOT support the repeal of this tax when it came up in the House.

John Carney 'Doublespeaks' on Tax Vote

For immediate release:

Suggesting that his Democratic opponent “uses language that could come straight out of George Orwell’s 1984,” Libertarian Scott Gesty today challenged Congressman John Carney to explain his recent press release that claims he “voted today for a Democratic proposal that will extend a tax cut to every single American,” when in fact he did nothing of the sort.