Lisa Rochester does not support parents rights.

My opponent for Congress feels that parents do not have the right to protect their children from testing that has no benefit to their educational advancement. She believes that the federal government should have a major role in our kids’ education. I do not. I support a parent’s right to opt their children out of Smarter Balance Testing and I reject Common Core. Education should be handled at the local level by elected school boards, professional educators, PTA organizations, and parents.

It's not too late to repeal Obamacare!

We’ve been informed that healthcare premiums in Delaware will rise 22% - 33%. In 2012, I was the only candidate who predicted this outcome and called for a repeal of the Obamacare. We can change this. We can open the market and allow more providers to compete for our business while protecting those with pre-existing conditions from being discriminated against. We were told ‘If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it’. Well, my family lost our plan, my wife her Primary Care Physician, and I lost my specialist. This needs to change. Vote Scott Gesty November 8th!

Restore local control of our schools

The Federal Department of Education has done nothing to improve classroom performance in the last 30 years. But they continue to force programs like No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and now Common Core on our teachers and students. I reject Common Core and stand against Smarter Balance Testing. I believe education is best left to our local school boards, teachers, and PTA organizations, NOT federal bureaucrats. I’m proud to have been endorsed by top education blogs Exceptional Delaware and Kilroy’s Delaware. Get the federal government out of our classrooms.

Scott Gesty will vote the Constitution and defend the Bill of Rights

If you are looking for a Representative to take every vote based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I am the only choice. Lobbyists have no seats at my table. Crony Capitalism will not be tolerated. I’m a citizen’s candidate working a full and part time job while running for office. I’m running for this office to represent you, not special interest groups. If we really want change in Washington, we need to do something different. Send a message on November 8th, vote Scott Gesty for US Congress!

Election Eve Appeal to the Voters of Delaware

Hi All,

Here’s the deal in the Delaware race for the US House this year:

Democrat John Carney has over $1 million in campaign contributions, the organizational strength of the Democratic Party, the warm bodies provided for him by the unions, and a captive statewide media. Their definition of a “debate” is having their guy sit for an hour beside an empty chair.

Obamacare has Failed! I say "We can do better!"

The ‘Affordable’ Care Act is only affordable for those that for whatever reason could not get health insurance before the passage of Obamacare. I have always supported legislation that stopped insurance companies from discriminating against people who had pre-existing conditions. What I oppose is government forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for things people do not need, as well as forcing individuals to buy coverage they do not need. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka; Obamacare, has done nothing to increase competition or lower the cost of healthcare.

Scott Gesty gets highest rating from Gun Owners of America

I am proud to receive the highest rating possible from the Gun Owners or America. John Carney, as usual, fails to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights. The Republican candidate, didn't even bother to answer. If the 2nd Amendment is important to you. If you feel it is your God given right to defend your family and freedom, I am your candidate in Delaware! Pull the trigger at the voting booth for Scott Gesty on November 4th!