Obamacare has Failed! I say "We can do better!"

The ‘Affordable’ Care Act is only affordable for those that for whatever reason could not get health insurance before the passage of Obamacare. I have always supported legislation that stopped insurance companies from discriminating against people who had pre-existing conditions. What I oppose is government forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for things people do not need, as well as forcing individuals to buy coverage they do not need. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka; Obamacare, has done nothing to increase competition or lower the cost of healthcare. All it has done is transferred the coverage cost to the middle class. The exchanges that have been created may offer 1-3 choices, depending upon your state. That is hardly a market people would expect in America, where choices in commerce are valued so dear.

In the last six months, we have seen a shift in the approval rating of the ACA. We have seen the disapproval rating cross the 50% mark to about 55%. I believe this is because our elderly tax payers and the middle class are beginning to see how this law is impacting them. The percentage rate that individuals can deduct medical expenses from their taxes has increased 2.5% under the ACA. There is a temporary waiver in effect, but seniors know this will impact them directly in a few short years. In 2018, a ‘Cadillac’ provision kicks in that charges a 40% tax on every dollar your employer pays above what government bureaucrats say is too expensive for your family’s coverage. Companies are already taking action and like many of yours, my family is being affected. My employer has reduced the number of plans available and passed the cost of the premiums and increased deductibles to the employees. My wife’s firm has informed us that they can no longer afford the insurance company we have enjoyed, and we will now have to accept a lower cost company, with higher deductibles. There are no guarantees they will accept our current doctors. The promise of ‘If you like your plan, you can keep it’, is just another lie the current administration has fed us.

We need a Representative in Congress that will stand up to these lies. Someone that will stand up and vote to repeal the ACA and replace it with a common sense piece of legislation that allows competition in the market and forbids discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. John Carney fully supports Obamacare. I don’t. If you want a Representative that will fight for your healthcare freedom, I am your only choice.

I appreciate your vote on November 4th. With your support, we can fix the health insurance debacle.

In Liberty,
Scott Gesty, Candidate, US Congress