Obamacare has Failed! I say "We can do better!"

The ‘Affordable’ Care Act is only affordable for those that for whatever reason could not get health insurance before the passage of Obamacare. I have always supported legislation that stopped insurance companies from discriminating against people who had pre-existing conditions. What I oppose is government forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for things people do not need, as well as forcing individuals to buy coverage they do not need. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka; Obamacare, has done nothing to increase competition or lower the cost of healthcare.

Follow Up on ObamaCare

I would like to follow up on ObamaCare. Many people just don't realize the tax burdern that this will caused to the middle class. There are 10 new taxes associated with this Bill. There is a 2.3% excise tax on medical devices that increases the cost of procedures. This drives healthcare cost up! This tax applies to Prosthetic Limbs our troops returning from battle need to live normal lives. John Carney did NOT support the repeal of this tax when it came up in the House.

The Repeal of ObamaCare

With the victory of Tom Kovach over Rose Izzo on September 11th’s primary, I am the only balloted candidate for the US House of Representatives in Delaware that will support repealing ObamaCare. Tom Kovach has been quoted on the record that he is taking the moderate approach to domestic policy that former Congressman Mike Castle did before he was voted out of office by the Republican electorate. Mike Castle stated he would not vote to repeal ObamaCare and neither will Tom Kovach. John Carney whole heartedly supports the government takeover of your healthcare.