John Carney was for the NSA, before he was against it

By now we have all heard of how the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting communications on ALL Americans. It does not matter whether the citizen was suspected of any crime or not. The federal government, without consulting Congress, decided behind closed doors that to protect us, they had to know everything we are communicating to one another. This is an obvious violation of our fourth amendment rights.

In 2013, a Bill was brought before Congress to significantly defund the NSA. John Carney voted in opposition to this Bill. He stated that approach would be 'heavy handed' and supported more transparency instead. So in January, Congressman Carney introduced three Bills that would in his mind, force the NSA to be more transparent to Congress. These pieces of legislation have no teeth. Even if Congress had more knowledge regarding the information being collected, no majority currently there, including Congressman Carney, are going to do anything about it.

Just to emphasize how poor the thought process is here, the summary of The National Security Agency Accountability Act, H.R. 3882 states and I quote:

"This will ensure that only those surveillance activities that are necessary and effective will remain in place, so that the only information the government collects on innocent Americans is information that is crucial to our national security."

Hmmm, if Americans are innocent, why in the world would the federal government be collecting their information? No information should be collected on an American at all without a warrant! Our government and Congressman Carney have become so disconnected from our Bill of Rights, they can't distinguish between what is truly legal and what is not.

If sent to Washington, I will support legislation that shuts the NSA down. No more mass surveillance of the American people should be permitted. John Carney had an opportunity to end this, and he decided to support the President and keep the agency alive. Then, he tries to insult your intelligence by introducing meaningless legislation that he claims are protecting your civil liberties.

If you want some to truly protect your civil liberties in Congress, John Carney is not your choice, I am!