Independent Party of Delaware endorses Scott Gesty for US House

Independent Party of Delaware endorses Libertarian Scott Gesty for US House
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In a move creating the strongest “third-party” ticket that Delaware has ever seen, the Independent Party of Delaware has endorsed Libertarian Scott Gesty for US House of Representatives. The endorsement potentially pairs Gesty with IPOD’s high-profile US Senate candidate, Alex Pires of Dewey Beach.

John Carney 'Doublespeaks' on Tax Vote

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Suggesting that his Democratic opponent “uses language that could come straight out of George Orwell’s 1984,” Libertarian Scott Gesty today challenged Congressman John Carney to explain his recent press release that claims he “voted today for a Democratic proposal that will extend a tax cut to every single American,” when in fact he did nothing of the sort.

A Historic Approach to our Economic Problems

It isn’t very well known, but America went through a Depression for 20 months beginning in January 1920. Unemployment went from 1.9% at the end of 1919 to 11.7% in August of 1921. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 47% in the same period. Presidential candidate and soon to be President, Warren Harding, offered and executed a financial plan that would have economist of today howling. His plan was the polar opposite of what we have done in any economic challenge since that time. The difference is, his plan worked. What was this plan?

Kilroy on US Dept. of Education

Maybe Kilroy can't endorse me (even if he did endorse my position on the Feds in public education). . .

But I can surely endorse Kilroy.

For those that don't know, Kilroy's Delaware [ ] is the First State's number one education blog.

And I can only wish I'd written this (although I probably would have proofread it):

John Carney's Support of NDAA

As the year drew to a close and while everyone slept, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. As many already know, this bill contained section 1021, which gives the US military the power to indefinately detain US citzens without charge or access to attorney for pretty much, forever. All one needs to have done to lose the right to Habeus Corpus is to be 'suspected' of supporting terrorism by the POTUS. Certainly, our Democrat Congress would have stood up for our civil liberties and vote against the horrible piece of legislation.