Time to grow the Delaware Libertarian Party!

Hello All,

We have gone through the election data with a fine tooth comb and there are a couple things of interest. First, our vote totals have shown a very positive up trend. I think is due to a couple factors. 1) More people have heard our message and are attracted to a platform of more freedom and less government. People also like the idea of candidates that are fiscally conservative and tolerant on social issues. 2) As so many people told me before and after the campaign, they are tired of the status quo and want real change in government. We are that change.

We have concluded that we have a base of 3-4 thousand voters in Delaware that have consistently voted Libertarian the last few election cycles. But, currently, we have less than 900 registered Libertarians in the state. This needs to change. We have no doubt that our continued momentum in the state will motivate the bureaucrats in Dover to try and slow us down by making ballot access more difficult for 3rd party candidates. One way to derail this idea is show them that it isn’t worth their time. We can do that by getting in front of them and getting our numbers up. So, I’m asking that if you have voted Libertarian in the past and plan to do so in the future, please take less than 3 minutes to change your party affiliation. I am attaching a link to the Delaware department of elections where you can do this online. There is no cost besides possibly mailing in the validation form. If you have access to a fax machine, you don’t even have to do that.

There is no real downside to do this. If there is a primary you really want to vote in, it’s simple to switch back and forth between parties now that the registration can be done online. I have switched at least 6 times in the last 4 years. The upside is, you don’t get bombarded with election mailers as much as you would if you are a D or an R. I didn’t get one mailer this year addressed to me, they all came addressed to my wife. :)

So, if you joined me on the 6th in being Libertarian, take the time to make our party stronger in Delaware. I will be back, god willing, in 2014 to once again champion our cause of freedom. Help me ensure this will happen by joining me as registered Libertarian today.

In Liberty & Freedom,