Statement on the League of Women Voters Debate

I want to set the record straight on my absence from the debate that took place at Delaware State University on October 24th. It was my full intention to attend this debate and in fact, I had contacted Jill Fuch (LoWV Contact) that afternoon to clarify the format and confirm my attendance. But being a ‘Citizen Candidate’ presents some challenges that major party candidates don’t have to deal with. You see, my wife had to work late into the evening and I had arranged for my 72 year old father to watch my three year old while I attended the debate. When I arrived back from picking up my daughter from day care, my father was at the house, but informed me that he had been to the doctor that day to be treated for an ear & sinus infection. He was going to tough it out, but the antibiotics he was given for the infection were making him sick to his stomach and he felt really tired. Since I knew he wouldn’t get home til close to midnight if I went to the debate, I sent him home. Now my choices were to either take my daughter to the debate with me and hope somebody would watch her while I debated, or stay home. I did not think it was appropriate to bring a three year old to the debate, especially not knowing who would watch her. So I immediately called Jill to inform her, but was told she was on her way to the debate and could not be reached by any method. I left a message and apologized for the cancellation.

I apologize to LoWV, DSU, the LPD and my supporters for not attending this debate. I felt we had good momentum coming off the debate at Widener Law and was looking forward to round two. I just don’t have a large support system to watch my daughter after work and when something like this happens, there is no Plan B. I will do everything I can not to let this happen again.

In Liberty,