Quick Feedback on the first Presidential Debate

Without diving into too much detail, I feel Mitt Romney bested President Obama in tonight’s debate. The topics revolving around economics were in Gov. Romney’s wheel house, and he did a good job. But let's not forget that even though Gov. Romney was speaking to lower taxes, state rights, etc., he made it clear that he supports government intervention in our economic liberty. He stated we need government regulation over business. He wants to lower tax rates while at the same time, eliminating deductions that the middle class enjoy, which will raise the effective tax rate on the people he stated over and over are being buried by the tax burden and must be helped. The President is clear on where he wants to take America and what he wants the people to have to contribute to support his vision of a greater federal government role in our economy. Note that he never challenged Gov. Romney's points that states and individuals should have more freedom in economic choices than the federal government. It wasn't because he agreed; it was because he didn't want to state publicly that he disagreed.

Of course we, as Libertarians, don't agree with either approach. We know that the federal income tax is fundamentally flawed and needs to be replaced with a consumption tax. We know that federally controlled healthcare is doomed to fail. We know that government regulation of business can and will always be manipulated by special interests and is doomed to failure. I’m positive that if Gov. Johnson would be allowed to give his vision of what we should be doing to get our country back to economic prosperity, it would be well received. Do research on candidates outside the two party system. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ideas that you will find!