Kilroy on US Dept. of Education

Maybe Kilroy can't endorse me (even if he did endorse my position on the Feds in public education). . .

But I can surely endorse Kilroy.

For those that don't know, Kilroy's Delaware [ ] is the First State's number one education blog.

And I can only wish I'd written this (although I probably would have proofread it):

"The federal government screwed up Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office, can’t balance a budget, refuses to enact laws to balance the budget, buys foreign influence using foreign aid and the list goes on. Do you honestly think the federal government has the capacity to get it right dealing with local education? Next thing you know the president will deem education a national security issue and put USDOE under Homeland Security. The bottom-line is the federal government’s role in local state education needs to stay at the state border."

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Go Kilroy--sooner or later you'll figure out you are a Libertarian!