John Carney's Support of NDAA

As the year drew to a close and while everyone slept, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. As many already know, this bill contained section 1021, which gives the US military the power to indefinately detain US citzens without charge or access to attorney for pretty much, forever. All one needs to have done to lose the right to Habeus Corpus is to be 'suspected' of supporting terrorism by the POTUS. Certainly, our Democrat Congress would have stood up for our civil liberties and vote against the horrible piece of legislation. Well, if you think that, you are wrong. My opponent in November sided with the far right Republican members of Congress and voted YES for this terrible Bill. It appears Mr. Carney is the worst of both worlds. He votes for every bill that enables the government to pick your pocket while at the same time, also supports bills that can throw his constituents in jail without charge. This is just another reason that John Carney is wrong for not only the state of Delaware, but the country as a whole. It's time the citizens of Delaware show Congressman Carney the door in November.