John Carney votes NO on Audit the Fed Bill

I would like to congratulate Congressman Paul on the passage of HR 459 – The Federal Reserve Transparency Act. This has been a long time coming and I hope the Senate does the right thing and allows this legislation to be voted on soon.

It is no surprise that Congressman Carney voted against this legislation. Our congressman has made it clear that he believes that having central bankers take trillions of your tax money to bail out foreign banks and domestic corporate entities behind a veil of secrecy is a GOOD thing. Perhaps he knows that once the American people learn about how the central bank is selling our children’s future, that the outrage may lead to an end to the whole Federal Reserve System and all the easy money they create out of thin air. No more unlimited funds for domestic and corporate welfare. No more unlimited funds to support our unconstitutional conflicts overseas. Ending the Fed is nightmare scenario for a representative that has no concept of living within our means.

If this Bill dies in the Senate, I would co-sponsor any future legislation to audit the Federal Reserve with hopes of an eventual unwinding of the whole institution. John Carney has shown you where he stands. All who disagree should stand with me come Nov. 6th. Together we can show Mr. Carney the door.