GOP Candidate won't Debate at the University of Delaware

Rose Izzo has decided not to confront John Carney on Wednesday 10/15. I would love the opportunity to discuss the issues that concern the citizens of Delaware, but I have been shut out of the conversation.

If you are not a John Carney supporter, I am the your only true choice in this election. The GOP can't get a candidate to stand up to the out of touch, left wing policies that the Obama administration is ramming down your throats. I will speak up. I will ask the hard questions and propose straight forward solutions that are based on the limited government powers our founders put in place. If you are a Republican (like I used to be) or an Independent that is disappointed with what the DE GOP has put in front of you as a choice on November 4th. Send them a message! Vote for me. I will challenge the higher taxes, greater regulations, and assaults on your Second Amendment Rights that are being forced upon us. I will defend your civil liberties and keep the government out of your bedroom. No government will tell you what size soda you can drink, what you can eat, or who you can marry. We can do this! Thanks for your support!