Follow Up on ObamaCare

I would like to follow up on ObamaCare. Many people just don't realize the tax burdern that this will caused to the middle class. There are 10 new taxes associated with this Bill. There is a 2.3% excise tax on medical devices that increases the cost of procedures. This drives healthcare cost up! This tax applies to Prosthetic Limbs our troops returning from battle need to live normal lives. John Carney did NOT support the repeal of this tax when it came up in the House.

If you write off medical costs on your 1040, you will get a tax increase. If you use flexible savings accounts to pay for medical expenses, you are looking at a tax increase. If your medical benefits are a major part of your compensation, in a few years, your tax bill will rise at least $11,000!

We need to repeal this Bill and write new legislation to keep the things we all agree on, like banning insurance companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing condtions. But keeping this Bill in it's current form will be a knock out blow to the middle class. I am the ONLY candidate that supports repeal. If this is your top issue, I'm your only choice.